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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Transforming Competition Into Successful Collaboration

Why compete when you can collaborate? Turn your competitors into business partners and work out something amazing together now!

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marketing vlanUPCOMING WEBINAR: Transforming Competition Into Successful Collaboration
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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Remote Team Management

With some businesses reopening and many still working from home, how do companies communicate and collaborate effectively to get things back on track? Learn how to manage your teams efficiently at all times! 


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#communication #motivation #sales #entrepreneur #teams #customerexperience #team #zendesk #microsoft #o365 #vlanasia #corona #covid19 #nCov19 #lockdown #businesscontinuityplan #business #workfromhome #coronavirus #keepsafeandcarryon #webinar #office365 #azure 

marketing vlanUPCOMING WEBINAR: Remote Team Management
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Learn how to get a work life balance and manage distractions

The new norm of working from home during the on-going Covid-19 pandemic has been very challenging to many employees. As most of the companies did not practice remote work culture before, majority of these workers now are still struggling to optimize a work-life balance that includes limitations and distractions such as child care, suitable work corner at home, disturbance from children and other in-house entertainments.


Unexceptionally, our colleagues have faced some challenges too: 

  1. Organizing and joining an online meeting 

Some of us might face limitations of sharing devices with other family members and due to working from home, it might be tough to look for a suitable meeting environment. Most of the times, there would be disturbance and background noise interfering the meeting, causing inability to fully focus and capture crucial points throughout the session. 


  1. Multitasking between work and home 

We are not only full-time workers now, but also a stay-at-home parent as you start working remotely at home. Taking care of the family and managing house chores are not part of your working time too. When daily work tasks and home responsibilities come together, the checklist gets messed up easily and it might be difficult to multitask successfully. 


  1. Managing employees off-site 

Every company’s top management executives would now face some common issues including constantly motivate and interact with staffs, review staff morale from time to time and ensure employees are staying productive while working remotely.

With the adoption of technology and an all-in-one collaborative platform, these challenges are being well handled. Microsoft Office 365 provides various useful tools that allows our team to work from anywhere, anytime seamlessly. 

Host online meetings on Microsoft Teams 


By syncing your account to all devices, you are able to join online meetings using your laptop, phone or tablet without worrying about the sharing of devices with family members. Microsoft Teams’ meeting room comes with a few amazing functions that enhances your meeting experience such as auto transcript, mute function, meeting notes section, video recording function and option to change background effects. Besides, scheduling online meetings on Microsoft Teams requires only a few simple clicks and you can share or even work on the same documents together during the call. 

Manage your daily tasks with Microsoft To Do 

List all your to-do items for work and house chores on a single platform to get a better and clearer overview while multitasking. The checklists can be easily shared to your contacts, colleagues or family members if there is any collaborative tasks too! With the smart daily planning function, Microsoft To Do automatically generates intelligent and personalized suggestions to update your daily to-do list, optimizing your schedule planning and time management to the best. 

Ensure productivity using MyAnalytics 


While we conduct weekly townhall to engage with all our team members to share updates and knowledge, we found that it is important to have self-analysis sessions with ourselves to keep ourselves productive and mentally healthy too. MyAnalytics helps to analyse your working patterns and allows you to look for the optimal self-focus time and explore your quiet or rest days for recharge. With the analysis, you are able to check if you are constantly staying productive and growing your network too. 

It might not be easy at first to cope with the new working style, but it will get better with proper arrangements and planning. Identify your distractions and deal with them patiently. Finally, remember to stay hydrated and stretch occasionally throughout the day! 

marketing vlanLearn how to get a work life balance and manage distractions
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Webcast | Entrepreneurship During A Crisis

As the pandemic prolongs, we hear more and more businesses closing and people losing their jobs. Times like this are tough and discouraging, but there still are crazies going against the grain in this global recession, some even thriving with new innovative ideas. Turn crisis into opportunity and come out stronger. 

Tune in to this webcast to hear Dash and Stephen discuss about having an entrepreneurial mindset and their thoughts on starting a side hustle during these troubled times.

marketing vlanWebcast | Entrepreneurship During A Crisis
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Cyber Attacks are up as covid 19 bites!

As Covid-19 strikes, cyberattacks are one of the biggest threats that many corporations encounter and it becomes harder to safeguard company data when everyone is working from home. You might have heard of phishing emails, ransomware and scamming, but do you know exactly how your system or data and files could be compromised? Or do you know how to properly prevent such situations from happening? 

Without cybersecurity measures, we are easily exposed to these cyberattacks at all times. Things like passwords, financial info, personal identity and company data attract hackers and scammers, while victims tend to fall for the traps and scams due to multiple reasons such as urgency, greed, fear and curiosity. 

To identify and avoid phishing at an initial stage includes watching out for some spelling and grammar errors in emails, suspicious sender address, things or offers that sound too good to be true and beware of attachments, links and login pages in unsolicited messages and emails that might steal your personal information from those actions.

Manual prevention is not effective enough as human errors can happen anytime. A better way to improve is to have preventive initiatives to filter your emails to prevent phishing treats. Microsoft 365 has a provision called Advance Threat Protection (ATP) solution that covers you from unknown malware and viruses with behavioural analysis that uses machine learning to provide real-time protection and alerts can be sent to responsible managers alongside with timely reports and tracing details. 

It is difficult to monitor employees all the time, especially the way the company database and internal confidential data are handled. To avoid files being copied or stolen, data should be protected and encrypted by a system that prevents unauthorized access to company files. Azure Right Management Services (Azure RMS) protects and stores your important data in Cloud and On-Premise Infrastructure from being misused. What if some data are unintentionally shared out of the corporation? Microsoft Data Loss Prevention (DLP) keeps you fully secured from this situation with information sharing control and real-time backup support system. 

Keeping your files and data secured is always important. Take prevention measures now before it is too late to recover lost data. Get these features together with your 6 months free Office365 by subscribing to our 12-month package. Contact us now by clicking on the “TALK TO US” tab above. 

marketing vlanCyber Attacks are up as covid 19 bites!
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5 Ways to automate finance processes and manage your books from home.

Businesses globally are now facing problems with collections and cash flow. In this session we shared about our methods and ways to automate our accounting processes and how we manage our books. 

At VLAN Asia we use Xero to maintain our books.  It’s a versatile cloud accounting platform that’s compatible with any devices. Xero just requires a web browser, compared to conventional systems that may have limitations to specific operating systems. By keeping all your files on the cloud, you don’t have to print them out anymore, which in a long run saves money and allowed us to go paperless to be more environmentally friendly.  Because it is cloud based, we work from anywhere, without worrying about cost for servers, VPN and bandwidth. We upload hard copy files online without any additional storage fees. If your PC or notebook goes bust, just open Xero on another device through any web browser and you’re back in business.  If you are worried about getting charged more to update your systems when there are new tax regimes, Xero includes it at no additional cost. Their helpdesk is also responsive and attentive to your accounting needs.

1. Improved productivity and automated billings. 

With XERO’s copy function, we’re able to copy a quotation straight into an invoice or a purchase order, reducing redundant manual data entry points.  Recurring invoices can be done easily and sent directly to customers via the email function.  This allows us to avoid errors.  How often have we sent the wrong invoice when we used to print the invoice into PDFs and sending them manually via email.  In the video you’ll see our demo on how to create bills, invoices and purchase orders in just 5min.  Templates available also allow the sending out of automatically generated reports faster.

2. MigrationIntegration

Messy Excel files begone! All your data can be migrated to Xero at ease. A local audit firm attests they save 60% of time after converting to Xero because they have all information they need in a single source of truth.  We integrate our internal systems to Xero to automate certain customer specific nuances to ease the billing team’s workload.  We’re also assisting company integrate their Cloud point of sales solution with Xero for better reporting, inventory management and bookkeeping.

3. Collection equals cashflow. Cash for activity.

Imagine the scenario where every month end, collections are due, and you would need to call clients and remind them to pay up.  With Xero, reminders will be sent to clients automatically so that they will not forget to pay.  There’s even a function that tracks to see if they’ve opened the invoice or not.  

4. Bookkeeping.

In Xero you can have all the reports you need a typical accounting system would provide and probably more.  P&L, Balance sheet and other repots can be generated and easily viewed.  With the filter option, it is possible to drill down each report by person or branch, then compare them on a Month-on-Month or Year-on-Year basis.  These reports can also help in the planning and management of advertising spend.  

5. Bank reconciliation.

Xero allows you to do online bank reconciliation with ease.  By linking your bank feeds or importing the bank statementsXero can automatically suggest reconciliation of transactions after they are paid.  As the system is Ai driven, all you need to do is give the system little information to generate a workflow, then let it recognize future transactions to automatically reconcile movement between your bank account and XERO.  This eliminates the need to manually print bank statements and reconciling transactions line by line within traditional accounting systems. 

Xero Network Magic

We see Xero as the future of accounting systems.  With widespread adoption and acceptance, the Xero network gives us the ability to connect with other companies also on the Xero network.  This allows for even greater integration where data entry is eliminated as an inbound Xero invoice can be automatically inserted into our ledger and vice versa.  Xero truly lives up to its mantra of “Making Business Beautiful.” 

If you’re not yet on Xero and looking for a modern cloud based accounting system, get in touch with us by clicking on “TALK TO US

marketing vlan5 Ways to automate finance processes and manage your books from home.
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5 ways to engage your customers with limited resources

Not only that the coronavirus is impacting people’s health and causing panic to arise everywhere, this pandemic is also negatively affecting businesses and the economy. It can be seen that the Malaysian economy is facing more risks and uncertainties as the implication of Movement Control Order (MCO) is slowing down many corporations or even causing firms to close down. As a result, businesses ought to change the way they operate, be adaptive and react quick in order to survive in the current situation. 

Before considering any new strategies to sustain the business, it is more important to take a step back and understand the exact problem that is faced by the company. Here are some common questions we hear from most of the companies: 

  1. How to survive a recession? 
  2. How to prepare my team for corporate innovation now? 
  3. How to reach out to more customers? 
  4. What are the tools that really help?

If the above reads out your thoughts and concerns too, you probably want to know what to do next. 

5 Customer Engagement Strategies

Run constant webinars 

As soon as the MCO started, many companies are getting more active with online webinars. By hosting such online events, you get to engage and interact directly with your audiences that would turn into potential leads. Key point is to stay noisy while others are not showing up online that often during this lockdown period. Conveying useful and informative messages that benefit your audiences and customers tend to increase their interest in your brand. Microsoft Streams and Teams are some amazing collaborative tools to assist you in hosting these webinars or online events smoothly.

Create forms and surveys 

When you start to plan for an event, you have to consider a seamless process flow that simplifies the event registration and gathering feedbacks after the live webcast. Surveys and feedbacks are crucial for you to be able to understand your attendees’ expectations and thus improve the quality of activities that you organize in the future. This step is important to immediately gather back all the leads, so you don’t lose any! Microsoft Forms helps you to simplify the process for you to worry less and focus on the preparation of your events. 

Prepare informative newsletters 

Another fresh initiative is to create newsletters after your webinars for further engagement with your attendees. Newsletters are used to share more professional or additional information related to the webinar topics. By reading these newsletters, your audiences will gain better insights and deeper impression of your brand too. But don’t worry, it is not some complicated work to prepare one, as you can easily generate one using Microsoft Sway with just a few steps! 

Create valuable contents 

Everyone has to be a content creator to survive in this game. By having just, the good products and services to offer is not good enough. There are tons of new contents generated across the internet every day. So, what makes a good content to stand out of all is about the quality of the content. Always create original contents because it tends to draw more interests and attention. Educate your audience so that your brand provides value beyond just what you sell. Besides, you may also publish E-books to step up the game! Moving on, digital marketing plays an important role in improving your online presence and gain more exposure. Also, remember to keep your updates aligned to your customers’ interest so that you’re able to stay relevant all the time. 

Automate your workflow 

Webinars and online events don’t just end after the live button is switched off. Many efforts such as sending post webinar materials or follow-up emails to your audience. This repetitive process also applies to the pre-webinar stage where you need to send confirmation emails or links to the registrars. Power Automate is a new useful tool that helps to automate all these processes with just a few simple clicks. 

If you’re still not sure on where to start? Or have not gotten your organization on Microsoft Teams yet, we’re here to help you. Reach out to us by clicking on the TALK TO US section above. 

marketing vlan5 ways to engage your customers with limited resources
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