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Data and Analytics for SMEs

A straight forward, no hassle introduction to Data, Analytics and how to get started on the journey to transform SMEs into adopting a Data-Driven Decision culture.  


This webinar is for those of you who have questions of how do we begin, what do we do first, what are our options?


As digitalisation is key in this new-norm pandemic driven world, data and analytics will naturally be the subsequent next steps. As you start subscribing and using software, data accumulates, and analytics is the key to unlocking a deeper understanding of your company. 


“Data is the new oil” -Clive Humby 

marketing vlanData and Analytics for SMEs
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Design Thinking – Innovation through Empathy

The McDonald’s service system, Apple products, and Google culture have this in common – their design began with a strong understanding of what people need, through Empathy. In this webinar, you will get a glimpse into Design Thinking (DT) as we introduce one of its core principles – Empathy. You will also see how Empathy can be utilized at work by experiencing a DT tool – User Journey Mapping, and learn how to turn gaps or assumptions into areas of intentional exploration.


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marketing vlanDesign Thinking – Innovation through Empathy
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Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks

As we are all pivoting towards delivering our products and services to our customers in the best possible way, it is only achievable with strong support and teamwork within the company. While working from home has become the new normal, using collaborative platforms such as Microsoft Teams have become must-haves in order to keep track on all things when we operate remotely. 


There are many hidden functions in Microsoft Teams that can help you to communicate and collaborate more efficiently with your team. Here are some top useful ones that will ease your daily work tasks and save your time. 


  1. 1. Using @ Mentions 

Just like many social media apps, we use the @user to notify and mention someone in a certain post or comments. This helps us stay up to date with the latest conversations. Just go through your chat in “Start a conversation” text box and type @ to mention someone.


Picture 1
  1. 2. Populate Emails in Teams 

This function enables a lot of people in different departments to send emails and notify their team via teams. To help them stay up to date on relevant or new information. Just choose a channel from a team’s group and click on the ellipsis button. You can see “Get Email Address” to copy to your clipboard. Paste the email address in your email, click send and it will be sent to both that teams group and the group’s email. 

  1. 3. Using /Commands 

Increases speed in your navigation through apps in teams and efficient in shortcuts. 

Type “/” into the search box and a list of shortcuts and commands will show up.

  1. 4. Co-author in Teams 

Avoid numerous file versioning on a single document and easily connect and co-author with a colleague. 

Go to Teams channel and look for the files tab. Choose a document you want to edit, and it will open office online. From there you can view who is editing the same document.

Picture 4
  1. 5. Scheduling Assistant in MS Teams 

See suggested time to schedule a meeting with everyone’s best available schedule. 

Once you have created a Teams meeting, go to the scheduling assistant. You can see participant’s calendar and best suggested times to set a meeting based on everyone’s availability.

  1. 6. Background Blur and Effects 

Avoid cleaning your house or office with this cool hack! Let your participants focus on what’s important and avoid distractions. 

When you join a Teams call, click on the ellipsis option and choose background effects. 

Picture 6
  1. 7. In-line Message translation 

Break language barrier through in-line message translation. 

Choose the message you want to translate, click on the ellipsis and choose to translate. This will translate the text to your local language. 

  1. 8. Post important announcements 

Send important announcements and notify your team in their news feed. 

Go to the “start a new conversation” text box and click on the icon. Write your announcements and click on the “!” to send an important announcement. 

  1. 9. View Organization 

See who you work with and organizational hierarchy to understand who’s on their team, their manager and how they fit in the organization. 

Open a chat with a teammate and click on “Organization” 

  1. 10. Fun in Teams! 

Lighten up and have some fun! Share feelings react on posts or cheer a co-worker using personalized stickers and gifs! 

Click on the smiley face and choose a sticker theme or click on the GIF symbol and send your best memes! 

In our recent webinar, we shared these functions in a live demo. Find out more about these tips in the recording below and start working smarter today. 

marketing vlanMicrosoft Teams Tips and Tricks
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Business Unusual : Getting Your Company Ready for Fundraising

Binh Tran, a general partner of 500 Startups Vietnam, has been riding an emotional rollercoaster through the Covid-19 pandemic. While it’s been painful walking with his investees in the travel business, he’s stoked for those who’re in the booming sectors of e-commerce, telecommuting, and delivery. Originating from Silicon Valley’s 500 Startups, Binh’s outfit in Vietnam has been catching the wave of gutsy and innovative technopreneurs in the country with US$14 million in its coffers. Prior to 500 Startups Vietnam, Binh started his career as a software engineer and co-founded Klout in 2008 which raised over $40 million from top tier Silicon Valley VCs and was acquired for over $200 million in 2014. Today, 500 Startups Vietnam is invested in over 60 companies in the region and Binh is determined to see them through this crisis. Listen in on the conversation and find out what’s hot and not, what businesses need to do to pivot, and what VCs are looking for now.

marketing vlanBusiness Unusual : Getting Your Company Ready for Fundraising
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Business Unusual : Rising to the occasion

Man may not live on bread alone, but he certainly must have it in his meal plan. 


That’s why Indonesia’s best-selling mass-market bread, Sari Roti, is selling like hotcakes – particularly in this pandemic. 


Listen in on the conversation with Wendy Yap, the president and founder of Nippon Indosari Corpindo, the maker of Sari Roti, to find out how she has worked through the quarantine restrictions to ensure hygiene and health remains priority while ramping up production to meet overwhelming demand. 


Get clued in on her ingenious distribution networks to make sure Sari Roti reaches the homes of Indonesians across the far-flung islands in the world’s largest archipelago. 

Catch a glimpse of Wendy Yap’s foresight to gain some insights on how to navigate through this unusual business landscape.

marketing vlanBusiness Unusual : Rising to the occasion
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Business Unusual : What Investors Are Looking For Now

He’s one of the world’s foremost social venture capitalists with an unswerving belief in fighting poverty through enterprise. The size of his funds – US$250 million. Kim Tan’s portfolio of investments has seen a painful pummelling- in tourism – as well as some pretty profits – healthcare and food production. His businesses span the world – Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, among others. But the chairman of UK-based Springhill Management is now marking URGENT his efforts to get what’s probably the most affordable rapid test kit of Covid-19 out ASAP. Hear his views on where he’s putting his money, what he’s looking out for and how this pandemic will change the way we do business.

marketing vlanBusiness Unusual : What Investors Are Looking For Now
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Business Unusual: Staying ahead of the Covid 19 Curve

With interests in property, hospitality, and food manufacturing, Singapore’s ”Popiah King”, Sam Goi, lays out his challenges and plans as he navigates his way through this challenging time.


With millions of spring roll skins and roti parathas churned from his factories around the world, his flagship company Tee Yih Jia just can’t keep up with demand. At the same time, his 5-star hotels in Kota Kinabalu’s Sutera Harbour has had to shut its doors with Malaysia’s lockdown. What are the prospects for his properties in Malaysia, China and Singapore?


Facilitated by the former host of Channel News Asia, Karen Lam, this webinar is your chance to join in the conversation with your questions for one of Singapore’s most intrepid entrepreneurs.

marketing vlanBusiness Unusual: Staying ahead of the Covid 19 Curve
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Fundamentals Of Digitalisation

Reopening the economy in a new normal is challenging to all industries. Many might have already realized that going digital is a crucial initiative to keep the business running regardless any unexpected circumstances. Discover the initial steps you may take to jump-start a digital transformation in your company right away. 

marketing vlanFundamentals Of Digitalisation
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Image & Branding in the New Normal

Your personal image and branding speaks for you and your value. Design your professional brand image and establish your unique personality to shine in the crowd.

marketing vlanImage & Branding in the New Normal
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Transforming Competition Into Successful Collaboration

Good customer service and seamless shopping experience tend to encourage brand loyalty and improve conversion rates. The exclusive all-in-one customer support portal Zendesk provides the best customer service resources you’ll ever need, and you can even customize it to your brand! 

Here are some key benefits for your business: 

1) Improve efficiency. With a more structured customer support system, your agents’ productivity increase and they can support more customers without losing the prospects but helping your business to scale quickly! 

2) Faster response rate. Zendesk allows your support agents to work on multiple tickets at the same time, so that your customers can get their questions answered while they are still shopping at your site. 

3) Customer retention. With the self-help portal and smoother shopping experience, your customers are well engaged and more satisfied with your products and sales services. In fact, your business could maintain higher reputation along the way!

Watch the video below to find out how our happy client Bateriku managed to grow and scale 10x larger in a short time and even partnered up with their competitors to provide a more complete marketplace for customers! 

marketing vlanTransforming Competition Into Successful Collaboration
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Webinar Recap: Remote Team Management

With some businesses reopening and many still working from home, how do companies communicate and collaborate effectively to get things back on track? Learn how to manage your teams efficiently at all times! 


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marketing vlanWebinar Recap: Remote Team Management
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Learn how to get a work life balance and manage distractions

The new norm of working from home during the on-going Covid-19 pandemic has been very challenging to many employees. As most of the companies did not practice remote work culture before, majority of these workers now are still struggling to optimize a work-life balance that includes limitations and distractions such as child care, suitable work corner at home, disturbance from children and other in-house entertainments.


Unexceptionally, our colleagues have faced some challenges too: 

  1. Organizing and joining an online meeting 

Some of us might face limitations of sharing devices with other family members and due to working from home, it might be tough to look for a suitable meeting environment. Most of the times, there would be disturbance and background noise interfering the meeting, causing inability to fully focus and capture crucial points throughout the session. 


  1. Multitasking between work and home 

We are not only full-time workers now, but also a stay-at-home parent as you start working remotely at home. Taking care of the family and managing house chores are not part of your working time too. When daily work tasks and home responsibilities come together, the checklist gets messed up easily and it might be difficult to multitask successfully. 


  1. Managing employees off-site 

Every company’s top management executives would now face some common issues including constantly motivate and interact with staffs, review staff morale from time to time and ensure employees are staying productive while working remotely.

With the adoption of technology and an all-in-one collaborative platform, these challenges are being well handled. Microsoft Office 365 provides various useful tools that allows our team to work from anywhere, anytime seamlessly. 

Host online meetings on Microsoft Teams 


By syncing your account to all devices, you are able to join online meetings using your laptop, phone or tablet without worrying about the sharing of devices with family members. Microsoft Teams’ meeting room comes with a few amazing functions that enhances your meeting experience such as auto transcript, mute function, meeting notes section, video recording function and option to change background effects. Besides, scheduling online meetings on Microsoft Teams requires only a few simple clicks and you can share or even work on the same documents together during the call. 

Manage your daily tasks with Microsoft To Do 

List all your to-do items for work and house chores on a single platform to get a better and clearer overview while multitasking. The checklists can be easily shared to your contacts, colleagues or family members if there is any collaborative tasks too! With the smart daily planning function, Microsoft To Do automatically generates intelligent and personalized suggestions to update your daily to-do list, optimizing your schedule planning and time management to the best. 

Ensure productivity using MyAnalytics 


While we conduct weekly townhall to engage with all our team members to share updates and knowledge, we found that it is important to have self-analysis sessions with ourselves to keep ourselves productive and mentally healthy too. MyAnalytics helps to analyse your working patterns and allows you to look for the optimal self-focus time and explore your quiet or rest days for recharge. With the analysis, you are able to check if you are constantly staying productive and growing your network too. 

It might not be easy at first to cope with the new working style, but it will get better with proper arrangements and planning. Identify your distractions and deal with them patiently. Finally, remember to stay hydrated and stretch occasionally throughout the day! 

marketing vlanLearn how to get a work life balance and manage distractions
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Webcast | Entrepreneurship During A Crisis

As the pandemic prolongs, we hear more and more businesses closing and people losing their jobs. Times like this are tough and discouraging, but there still are crazies going against the grain in this global recession, some even thriving with new innovative ideas. Turn crisis into opportunity and come out stronger. 

Tune in to this webcast to hear Dash and Stephen discuss about having an entrepreneurial mindset and their thoughts on starting a side hustle during these troubled times.

marketing vlanWebcast | Entrepreneurship During A Crisis
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Cyber Attacks are up as covid 19 bites!

As Covid-19 strikes, cyberattacks are one of the biggest threats that many corporations encounter and it becomes harder to safeguard company data when everyone is working from home. You might have heard of phishing emails, ransomware and scamming, but do you know exactly how your system or data and files could be compromised? Or do you know how to properly prevent such situations from happening? 

Without cybersecurity measures, we are easily exposed to these cyberattacks at all times. Things like passwords, financial info, personal identity and company data attract hackers and scammers, while victims tend to fall for the traps and scams due to multiple reasons such as urgency, greed, fear and curiosity. 

To identify and avoid phishing at an initial stage includes watching out for some spelling and grammar errors in emails, suspicious sender address, things or offers that sound too good to be true and beware of attachments, links and login pages in unsolicited messages and emails that might steal your personal information from those actions.

Manual prevention is not effective enough as human errors can happen anytime. A better way to improve is to have preventive initiatives to filter your emails to prevent phishing treats. Microsoft 365 has a provision called Advance Threat Protection (ATP) solution that covers you from unknown malware and viruses with behavioural analysis that uses machine learning to provide real-time protection and alerts can be sent to responsible managers alongside with timely reports and tracing details. 

It is difficult to monitor employees all the time, especially the way the company database and internal confidential data are handled. To avoid files being copied or stolen, data should be protected and encrypted by a system that prevents unauthorized access to company files. Azure Right Management Services (Azure RMS) protects and stores your important data in Cloud and On-Premise Infrastructure from being misused. What if some data are unintentionally shared out of the corporation? Microsoft Data Loss Prevention (DLP) keeps you fully secured from this situation with information sharing control and real-time backup support system. 

Keeping your files and data secured is always important. Take prevention measures now before it is too late to recover lost data. Get these features together with your 6 months free Office365 by subscribing to our 12-month package. Contact us now by clicking on the “TALK TO US” tab above. 

marketing vlanCyber Attacks are up as covid 19 bites!
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5 Ways to automate finance processes and manage your books from home.

Businesses globally are now facing problems with collections and cash flow. In this session we shared about our methods and ways to automate our accounting processes and how we manage our books. 

At VLAN Asia we use Xero to maintain our books.  It’s a versatile cloud accounting platform that’s compatible with any devices. Xero just requires a web browser, compared to conventional systems that may have limitations to specific operating systems. By keeping all your files on the cloud, you don’t have to print them out anymore, which in a long run saves money and allowed us to go paperless to be more environmentally friendly.  Because it is cloud based, we work from anywhere, without worrying about cost for servers, VPN and bandwidth. We upload hard copy files online without any additional storage fees. If your PC or notebook goes bust, just open Xero on another device through any web browser and you’re back in business.  If you are worried about getting charged more to update your systems when there are new tax regimes, Xero includes it at no additional cost. Their helpdesk is also responsive and attentive to your accounting needs.

1. Improved productivity and automated billings. 

With XERO’s copy function, we’re able to copy a quotation straight into an invoice or a purchase order, reducing redundant manual data entry points.  Recurring invoices can be done easily and sent directly to customers via the email function.  This allows us to avoid errors.  How often have we sent the wrong invoice when we used to print the invoice into PDFs and sending them manually via email.  In the video you’ll see our demo on how to create bills, invoices and purchase orders in just 5min.  Templates available also allow the sending out of automatically generated reports faster.

2. MigrationIntegration

Messy Excel files begone! All your data can be migrated to Xero at ease. A local audit firm attests they save 60% of time after converting to Xero because they have all information they need in a single source of truth.  We integrate our internal systems to Xero to automate certain customer specific nuances to ease the billing team’s workload.  We’re also assisting company integrate their Cloud point of sales solution with Xero for better reporting, inventory management and bookkeeping.

3. Collection equals cashflow. Cash for activity.

Imagine the scenario where every month end, collections are due, and you would need to call clients and remind them to pay up.  With Xero, reminders will be sent to clients automatically so that they will not forget to pay.  There’s even a function that tracks to see if they’ve opened the invoice or not.  

4. Bookkeeping.

In Xero you can have all the reports you need a typical accounting system would provide and probably more.  P&L, Balance sheet and other repots can be generated and easily viewed.  With the filter option, it is possible to drill down each report by person or branch, then compare them on a Month-on-Month or Year-on-Year basis.  These reports can also help in the planning and management of advertising spend.  

5. Bank reconciliation.

Xero allows you to do online bank reconciliation with ease.  By linking your bank feeds or importing the bank statementsXero can automatically suggest reconciliation of transactions after they are paid.  As the system is Ai driven, all you need to do is give the system little information to generate a workflow, then let it recognize future transactions to automatically reconcile movement between your bank account and XERO.  This eliminates the need to manually print bank statements and reconciling transactions line by line within traditional accounting systems. 

Xero Network Magic

We see Xero as the future of accounting systems.  With widespread adoption and acceptance, the Xero network gives us the ability to connect with other companies also on the Xero network.  This allows for even greater integration where data entry is eliminated as an inbound Xero invoice can be automatically inserted into our ledger and vice versa.  Xero truly lives up to its mantra of “Making Business Beautiful.” 

If you’re not yet on Xero and looking for a modern cloud based accounting system, get in touch with us by clicking on “TALK TO US

marketing vlan5 Ways to automate finance processes and manage your books from home.
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5 ways to engage your customers with limited resources

Not only that the coronavirus is impacting people’s health and causing panic to arise everywhere, this pandemic is also negatively affecting businesses and the economy. It can be seen that the Malaysian economy is facing more risks and uncertainties as the implication of Movement Control Order (MCO) is slowing down many corporations or even causing firms to close down. As a result, businesses ought to change the way they operate, be adaptive and react quick in order to survive in the current situation. 

Before considering any new strategies to sustain the business, it is more important to take a step back and understand the exact problem that is faced by the company. Here are some common questions we hear from most of the companies: 

  1. How to survive a recession? 
  2. How to prepare my team for corporate innovation now? 
  3. How to reach out to more customers? 
  4. What are the tools that really help?

If the above reads out your thoughts and concerns too, you probably want to know what to do next. 

5 Customer Engagement Strategies

Run constant webinars 

As soon as the MCO started, many companies are getting more active with online webinars. By hosting such online events, you get to engage and interact directly with your audiences that would turn into potential leads. Key point is to stay noisy while others are not showing up online that often during this lockdown period. Conveying useful and informative messages that benefit your audiences and customers tend to increase their interest in your brand. Microsoft Streams and Teams are some amazing collaborative tools to assist you in hosting these webinars or online events smoothly.

Create forms and surveys 

When you start to plan for an event, you have to consider a seamless process flow that simplifies the event registration and gathering feedbacks after the live webcast. Surveys and feedbacks are crucial for you to be able to understand your attendees’ expectations and thus improve the quality of activities that you organize in the future. This step is important to immediately gather back all the leads, so you don’t lose any! Microsoft Forms helps you to simplify the process for you to worry less and focus on the preparation of your events. 

Prepare informative newsletters 

Another fresh initiative is to create newsletters after your webinars for further engagement with your attendees. Newsletters are used to share more professional or additional information related to the webinar topics. By reading these newsletters, your audiences will gain better insights and deeper impression of your brand too. But don’t worry, it is not some complicated work to prepare one, as you can easily generate one using Microsoft Sway with just a few steps! 

Create valuable contents 

Everyone has to be a content creator to survive in this game. By having just, the good products and services to offer is not good enough. There are tons of new contents generated across the internet every day. So, what makes a good content to stand out of all is about the quality of the content. Always create original contents because it tends to draw more interests and attention. Educate your audience so that your brand provides value beyond just what you sell. Besides, you may also publish E-books to step up the game! Moving on, digital marketing plays an important role in improving your online presence and gain more exposure. Also, remember to keep your updates aligned to your customers’ interest so that you’re able to stay relevant all the time. 

Automate your workflow 

Webinars and online events don’t just end after the live button is switched off. Many efforts such as sending post webinar materials or follow-up emails to your audience. This repetitive process also applies to the pre-webinar stage where you need to send confirmation emails or links to the registrars. Power Automate is a new useful tool that helps to automate all these processes with just a few simple clicks. 

If you’re still not sure on where to start? Or have not gotten your organization on Microsoft Teams yet, we’re here to help you. Reach out to us by clicking on the TALK TO US section above. 

marketing vlan5 ways to engage your customers with limited resources
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Move your organization online

Bill Gates once said, “if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. This is exactly the case now across the globe. Like it or not, any business that is still standing still and expecting things to return to normal after the Movement Control Order (MCO) is over and not transitioning online are most certainly be at risk.  

Business owners must react quickly to the current situation. Urgent initiatives need to be taken to keep things running. One of the first few important steps is to move your organization online. it is not just about doing online marketing, but also about moving your entire team online. A simple way is to leverage on existing collaborative platforms for everyone to work together. Microsoft Teams is a leading platform to allow this. Team meetings, conversations, calls and document sharing all in one place. The entire team can work on the same file at a time, even during a conference call. Such productivity saves time, and time saves money! 

Week 3 Content 1 Image 3-02

Stay connected with your team while working remotely, stay collaborative at a trusted cloud-based workplace. Start building your online office with Microsoft Teams for free now. 

marketing vlanMove your organization online
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Webinar Recap : 10 Practical Ways To Improve Productivity By 3X While Working From Home

Working from home can be new to some, but it’s going to be the new way businesses are going to start operating from here on.  For those who are new to this method of working, these 10 practices will help you improve productivity by 3X while working from home.

Starting with a little history of Microsoft Teams, it was launch on March 2017 in 25 different languages as a chat-based workspace in Office 365, not long after that same year June 2017 Teams for Education was launch and 3 months later in September 2017 Teams debut Ai-powered video meetings and calling. Seeing how much potential it has and to get more people to use it, in July 2018  a free version of teams was made available to the market and seeing how effective the system was they added the new Firstline capability to it in January 2019. After just 3 years since the launch, Teams is now available in 53 different languages and across 181 with usage exceeding 44 million daily active users and growing.

If you’re wondering how you can use Teams in your business? the basic system allows you to: 


  • Transform workplace collaboration. 


  • Streamline business processes. 


  • Connect everyone on a single platform. 
  • Provide enterprise grade security & compliance. 

7 Benefits of Teams

Working from home can sometimes seem less productive, but if you have the right system in place, you’re on your way to create a more positive mindset towards a more productive future, Here are 7 benefits that you’ll attain via Microsoft Teams.

  1. By having one centralized hub, you will be able view your chat conversations, documents, calendar meetings, make calls and app integrations all on one view.
  2. It allows you the flexibility to create and manage user groups and integrate your Calendar and OneDrive files storage on it.
  3. It gives you the flexibility to integrate external services like Slack, Zoom, Trello, Atlassian, Asana, Jira, Zendesk, etc.
  4. Its seamless application allows you to connect through your mobile via a mobile Teams app.
  5. It give you an enterprise grade security and compliance so that you won’t have to worry about your data, cause you have full control over it, and Microsoft does not use your data for anything else and they do not mind data that you store in your emails and chat unlike other apps and system.
  6. It has a wide range of 3rd party apps that you can integrate with the system
  7. It’s FREE for all personal use and existing office 365 users, which means you can invite your family and friends to come on to have a video call or a chat on it for free.

10 Practical ways Teams can increase your productivity by 3X while working from home.

Humans are creatures of habits; the results are not instantaneous keeping to a routine and By Following there 10 best practices daily you’ll be able to increase your productivity by 3x while you work from home. 

1. Daily huddles or meetings 

You don’t have to be in the same room for you to run your meetings, you can be in your car at home or in another room. Now with Teams it’s easy to schedule your meeting, by using the calendar function on Teams you can see the availability of your members and invite them to join. Daily huddle meeting is best practice in order to catch up with your team to see how much progress everyone has made and to iron out issues and processes together.  It’s also useful when you’re stuck at home and need human interaction with the outside world. 

2. Chat functions between teammates. 

When you know that Microsoft Teams does not mine data, you’re assured that your chat is safe and secure on Teams, no more pesky advertisement popping up on your social media feeds and spam emails. It’s also good to practice using Teams chat in your busy schedule, you’ll never know when you’re going to miss out on something. This way you can always go back to the chat and refer to items that you might have missed out. Having a copy of what you’ve discussed handy, is an effective way of taking notes.  It’s similar to WhatsApp chats, but you can have topic specific threads, so you don’t get lost in the conversation.

3. Integrating Teams Calendar with Outlook and Organizing a virtual meeting. 

Integrating Teams Calendar with Outlook will allow you to send out an invitation to your team members seamlessly and allowing you to eliminate the process of calling your team members individually for a virtual meeting. The system will also send out a reminder before the meeting so that you and your members won’t have to worry about missing it. 

4. Edit and share folders/files via Teams instead of OneDrive.  

On Teams you can now create a workgroup that is for your department and share files on it, this file can be accessed by you and your team members from anywhere and on any device. Eliminating the problem of asking for a file to be sent via email or OneDrive. It also saves you the hassle of caring around a hard disk or a thumb drive. 

5. Work and collaborate concurrently.  

Have you had a problem of working on a proposal with a teammate and rushing for datelines? I bet we all do. Now with teams you can open that office file (Excel, Power point, word) together at different locations and work on that same file at the same time, how awesome is that.

6. Make voice/video calls to internal and external users.  

Here’s a scenario where you’re working on a file and want to discuss about it with your team member or perhaps your customer, and your phone’s not right next to you at the moment, or worried about that expensive phone bill, well that where this feature come in handy, make calls or video calls through Teams.  It just needs a stable internet connection. 

7. Integrate Microsoft Planner to track the task/projects status. 

Planning and tracking your task and project status can be challenging when it comes to working out of the office, that’s where Microsoft planner come in handy, you can now plan your task and creating a ticket via Microsoft planner you are now able to track your teams progress and status with ease. 

8. Integrate Microsoft forms and surveys, Collect the response and Quick polls. 

Microsoft Forms and surveys allows you to create specific forms that you can use for specific task such as surveys, poles, invitation and others. You no longer need to print, saving paper and cost, just send it via email or any messaging app. You no longer need to spend countless hours doing data entry once you get feedback. All these processes are eliminated with automation, all the response will automatically be saved on an Excel sheet for easy reference.  With PowerAutomate, you’re even able to automate responses and actions based on entries made to that Excel sheet.  

9. Host Webinars and make Zoom conference calls from teams. 

How do you continue to engage with your customers while working from home? Team has the capability to host webinars and accept/make Zoom conference calls. Eliminating the need to rent a hall and save you on cost to rent equipment to run a conference, you can now bring your conference to a maximum of 10,000 attendees live in their living room via Teams. Taking questions via the chat box or even allowing your viewers to ask questions live.  It also eliminates the need to install Zoom as a separate app on your phone or PC to receive a Zoom call. 

10. Teams Usage report. 

With your whole team on Teams, access the usage report of all your member and have a better understanding on how productive they are.  This is how we came to realize our productivity went up by 3x by using Teams. 

Work is now no longer about going to the office and doing a 9-5. It is about productivity and accessibility. With all the technology that we have with us, we no longer have to leave our house in order to close a sale or arrange for a meeting.  All this is made possible with the tools made available. There’s no excuse why we are not able to deliver results by following these simple 10 practices to see positive outcomes.  


If you’re not already on Microsoft Office 365 Teams, don’t hesitate to reach out, we’ll be glad to help you out with your needs.

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Webinar Recap: Effectively Engaging Your Customers

With Malaysia undergoing a Movement Control Order (MCO) and every business is facing the same crisis, working from home can be an impactful organizational change to many companies especially those heavily dependent on location-based human resource. The shift from working on-site to working remotely is a sudden change to our work ecosystem. 

We are focused in helping our customers to digitalize. Technology itself isn’t the disruptor, circumstances and not being customer centric is the biggest threat, these are some examples that you might be familiar with. 

Netflix did not kill Blockbuster 

Ridiculous late fees did 


Grab/Uber didn’t kill the taxi 

Limited access and fare control did 


Apple didn’t kill the music industry 

Being forced to buy full length albums did 


Amazon/Alibaba didn’t kill retailers, 

Poor customer services and experience did 


Airbnb isn’t killing the hotel industry, 

Limited availability and pricing option are 

Online customer engagement is crucial, especially during this time where there is less direct face-to-face interactions but fully online. Businesses must be able to connect with their customers through various channels and question you got to ask yourself is how ready are you?  


We need a single source of truth to be able to serve our customers better.  By having a system that captures data and generate analytics allow you to get a better picture of your business growth and where you should focus your resources on.  By doing so you will also be able to optimise your resources to get better results.  The businesses must also have the agility and scalability to serve their customers in any circumstances regardless of the situation.


Businesses moving their contact centres to Zendesk allows them to provide 24 hours customers service from any location and be omnipresent for their customers.  It gives them easy access to customers information, allowing them to be able to response to customers faster and securely on the cloud. 

Zendesk One app to manage it all.

Zendesk is an Omnichannel App that allows you to manage all your social media, calls, messaging apps, emails, and up to 900+ other apps all on one platform. It’s easy to use, helps improve your customer experience, and it’s very easy to set up. This system also allows you to track your calls and reporting so that you don’t miss any reports and as your team grows it’s also easily scalable to fit your demand.

One such success story is, a local Malaysian startup that started with a mobile application in 2016 with only 10 staff they were only able to handle 100 sales a month before implementing Zendesk. After the implementation in 2019 they are now able to handle 1000 sales a month, all their customers data are now recorded in the system and they now have a reliable source of data with accurate information. Zendesk enterprise has enable to operate in a more scalable approach since integrating with their own developed system. By using Zendesk it has also allowed them to create a marketplace on their mobile app to allow other products and services to be offered to their customers. This is only possible when you have a system that can manage all your customers data effectively.

So how ready are you?  
Are you ready to take your business online? Are you on a cloud system yet?  
Not sure how?   
if you have these question and not sure where to start. Click on the link below and get in touch with us now and we’ll help you get started. 

Want to attend future webinars, click here.


Want to know more about our solutions: Zendesk or Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure, click here.

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Most Effective and Secured Sales Management System for SMEs

Sales management is essential to every business. By enhancing the sales processmore sales and projects can be generated and handled smoothly and to drive business revenuesStrategizing the sales management is challenging to many companies because it involves multiple aspects including setting performance goals for the sales team, managing human resource and reporting of results.

  1. Basic sales management skills that need to be mastered by sales manager are: 


    Set realistic goals and plan strategically to achieve it. 



    Connecting well with clients and internally with the team. 



    The ability to direct, communicate and inspire the team. 

  1. Manage

    Handle detailed sales functions, the entire sales team and sales operations. 



    Daily or weekly staff trainings to improve their skills and product knowledge. 

A simple solution to all these issues is by handling sales management through a cloud base systemBy integrating technology into the process, everything can be done online in a single platform to cover all these meetings, planning, management and reporting. It is also the best way to keep your data and files secure without worrying about the available storage size.  


Can we achieve more with lessYes! With technology we can now manage our time, create more structured sales plans and effectively engage with the team. One such technology is Microsoft Office 365 Teams. From having meetings with the entire team, files and materials can be shared in a single platform. No more separate reference links and multiple taps to switch around. 

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Don’t let the MCO stop your business

Don’t let the MCO stop your business, for businesses to continue it’s important to identify the 7 main functions of your Organization: 


  1. Sales – for revenue generation. 
  2. Operations – to deliver value and happiness to customers.
  3. Finance– for data accuracy, compliance of country taxation and business insight.
  4. Marketing – for lead generation.
  5. Human Resource – for recruitment, people development and happiness
  6. R&D – for new product/service creation for new revenue generation
  7. Management – for business clarity, performance acceleration and strategic goal.

For Businesses to continue, all these 7 functions must continue to operate. For these functions, these must be in place: 

  • The team/ the people 


  • The system – the software/hardware in use. We will focus more on software technology sharing on this site because whilst hardware like laptop is essential, with the right software, you can use any gadget to do work – be it your mobile phone, tablet or laptops. 


  • The strategy – what is the objective and how to go about achieving it. 

In short, Business continuity planning (BCP) is the process a company undergoes to create a prevention and recovery system from potential threats that prevent us from performing our functions normally. 

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