E-Claims Features

    • Single Sign-on through Office365

      Easily access using Office365 account and submit claim through online

    • One-page View Submission

      Simple view on the status for all leaves applied

    • Email Notification

      Received email notification for user and approver to track and update

    • Auto-Generated Document

      Receive the generated Excel file for every claim submission

    • Check & Track Status of Submissions

      Check current application status and track previous submissions

    • Mobile optimized

      Access portal via mobile and submit claims while on-the-go

E-Leave Features

    • One-page View & Apply

      Get a view on how many leaves left and easily apply leave on the same page.

    • Quick & Easy Way to Approve/Reject Leaves

      Easily access using Office365 account and submit claim through online

    • Check Status of Leaves Applied

      Simple view on the status for all leaves applied

    • Fully integrates with calendar

      Each approved leave are automatically added into the company-wide calendar.


(Software as a Service )
A subscription-based service for all your business needs (hardware, software, workspace, collaboration tools, helpdesk, storage, etc) that requires:
  • no up front purchases
  • is pay per use
  • with constant availability
  • quick to deploy
  • low cost for entry
  • centrally controlled access credentials with backups built-in

Cloud Services

  • Azure hosting
  • Office365 productivity
  • Enterprise grade email services
  • Latest Microsoft Office versions and licenses
  • Document collaboration with co-workers
  • Large online storage space
  • Skype for business (with HD video calls)
  • Synchronise across your devices

Online Services

Server/Application Parking
99.95% uptime Work worry free from anywhere Redundant backup systems inplace. Choose from servers in Hong Kong, Korea or Malaysia.

Managed Services

Outsourced Services
Focus on building your business,leave the technical jargons to us.
    • Software License management
    • Future growth projections and consultancy
    • Old/New Hardware Asset Management and Maintanance
    • Software/website development and hosting
Disaster recovery
Software license management for disaster recovery options.
    • Business continuity planning.
    • Hot/cold/warm disaster recovery seat provisioning.
    • Offsite backup file/data storage foraccounting data.
    • Software license management for disaster recovery options.

Hardware & Software Rental Services

Cash strapped but need that new hardware/ software upgrade?
Rentals are the answer!
  • Hardware Rental
    • Notebook, surface pro, desktop
    • Tower servers
    • Rack mount servers
    • Blade servers
  • Software Rental
    • Microsoft office products
    • Adobe products
    • Anti-virus and malwares products.
  • Save the cash for your business expension, not on depreciating assets .
  • Hardware is expensive and is difficult to dispose when it’s obsolete.
  • Everything is insured
  • Be able to properly plan for growth.
  • Software licences are pay per use. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay for it.

Off The Shelves Solutions

Everything inside Online / Cloud OTS
  • Is your current infrastructure more than 3 years old and out of warranty
  • Would you like to access your data from anywhere and with any device?
  • Do you know if your data is secure? Are your files constantly backed
  • Would you like to save electricity by not having any servers internally at all? Each server uses between RM75 to RM150 per month!
  • Would you like to not worry about software license compliance?
  • No on premise server
  • BYOD
  • Access all data securely from anywhere
  • Redundancy built in
  • Firewall protected
Package Details
    • VM Hosted AD (DC or Azure)
    • Storage:
      • Synology Hosted(on-premise/DC)
      • Cloud (Azure/Dropbox)
    • VPN Firewall
    • UBNT Wifi
    • Unifi/P1/Yes/Mykris/Maxis dual links
    • Optional:
      • HA AD
      • Additional offside storage(per TB)