On Seeking Candidates.

If you were looking for teams to rig for success and loves getting good customer satisfaction, we at VLAN would be a good place to work.Currently, we have openings in the following division.

  1. VLAN Consulting Services Division.
  2. VLAN Core Systems Support (CSS) Division.
  3. VLAN Operation Systems Support (OSS) Division.
  4. VLAN Office Support Division.

Candidate Stature.

  1. Cultural fitting to our dynamic team.
  2. Good communicator.
  3. Growth potential and adaptability.
  4. Leadership skills.
  5. Savvy prioritisation skills.
  6. Strong emotional intelligence.

Candidate Thinking Mind.

  1. Cloud integration.
  2. Creative mind.
  3. Long term depth and breadth growth mindset outlook.
  4. Mobile application first world.
  5. Security analytical mind.

Candidate Attitude

  1. “Can Do” attitude.
  2. Creative “connect the dots”. Even if it does not make technology or logical senseless your contribution of ideation and Just Do It matters. We reinvent to make practical sense not what “everyone does it this way”. Unless of course it is illegal to do it but talk your direct manager once you’re onboard. Again, think outside the box?
  3. Just do it. Don’t wait to be told to do. Take note here; it also means you do break it you fix it! Lead the do. Make sense?
  4. Long term thinker. Really really long term thinker. Think you are one? Are you the awaited one we have been searching for?! Wait till you meet our ridiculously 10-15 year planning CTO on almost everything and how that 10-15 fits into the next 25-30 years. We are insane on the longer bigger picture.?

What We Offer?

  1. 6 servers each with SSD, 2 socket compute power, 192GB RAM. (Think Azure Stack? Puppet? Chef?)
  2. Additional 3%-6% of your 2 years salary depending on your ranking added into your Private Retirement Savings. That means we give a minimum 16%=13%(EPF)+3%(PRS) to 19%=13%(EPF)+6%(PRS).
  3. Medical Insurance coverage.
  4. Outpatient Dental/Medical coverage.
  5. Working environment of three floors. High speed infrastructure. All 1Gbps access wired and wireless.
  6. Your own season car park.

p.s. Did you notice the number bullets was sorted alphabetically? We are about the details??

Support Engineer are mainly responsible for the smooth running of computer systems and ensuring users get maximum benefits from them. Individual tasks vary depending on the size and structure of the organization, but may include: Assess current day to day tasks to refine daily operations. Perform sanity checks with tasks on: Installing and configuring computer

Job brief The Cloud Infrastructure Consultant will be responsible for: The implementation of a variety of IT cloud solutions which include promoting innovative solutions within hybrid and cloud-based networking, virtualization, and security infrastructure environments to implement best practices across cloud technologie. Able to demonstrate knowledge with the implementation and/or support of hybrid environments. Cloud and/or

Job brief Sales Executive responsibilities include discovering and pursuing new sales prospects, negotiating deals and maintaining customer satisfaction. If you have excellent communication skills and feel comfortable reaching out to potential customers to demonstrate our services and products through email and phone, we’d like to meet you. Ultimately, you’ll help us meet and surpass business