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What is Zendesk?
Zendesk is a customer service management software that can capture and track all interactions in one single platform. It’s a market leader Omnichannel solution managing contact centres.

Happy customers, happy bottom line

The world of customer experience has changed. Your customer care organization needs agile tools to empower high quality customer services that positively impacts your business. Better tools mean better interactions, and better interactions mean happier customers.

Traditional customer service solutions can’t keep up. In order to exceed customer expectations, businesses need agile system solutions. Agile customer service tools can help your business:

  • Save money and increase revenue
  • Keep your customers happy and increase self-service
  • Boost agent productivity and reduce training costs

To learn more about the benefits of agile customer service, access your copy of the Happy Customers, Happy Bottom Line guide on right.

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“VLAN has been great in ensuring our smooth transition into Zendesk. They’ve always been helpful and diligent in addressing queries. I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking to incorporate Zendesk into their processes!”
“Vlan has been very efficient in helping us to incorporate Zendesk seamlessly into our existing system in timely manner. Before engaging the ticketing system, we were depending on a traditional email method. However, with an average of 10 email per day, it leaves us, the management and the customer (residents) frustrated due to inability to track the status of each request. After using Zendesk for just a month, we have seen how this platform has addressed all the issues and furthermore, leave a smile on our resident’s face.”
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Nur Hilmy
“Zendesk helps me a lot on replying customer’s email, replying Facebook messenger. Live chat on our website enable customers chat with us on the spot when they have any enquiry. We highly recommend Zendesk to others. VLAN always provide the best services and respond quickly if have any question. We highly recommend VLAN to others.”
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Sze Wern
Professional service.
Our professional services team offers a range of Zendesk Implementation packages. If you are already using Zendesk or just starting out, we can help you in all stages.
Starter Pack
Build a strong customer service team from scratch, collect customer feedback and get an insight into why user feedback matters.
Get consultation together with Zendesk experts and work on a roadmap to expand your business with Zendesk and effectively utilize the features provided.
Whether it is to provide essential knowledge to the new agents/admins or refresher course for existing agents/admins, we offer it all in our private training sessions.